HAWTHORN premiership player Xavier Ellis hasn’t played AFL Fantasy for quite a few years, but jumped back on board when his mate asked him to be part of a podcast.

Selby Lee-Steere, coach of the 2017/2018 Fantasy Classic champion team Moreira’s Magic, has been producing a season guide over the last four years to help Fantasy coaches improve their game. In this, he’s donated more than $90,000 to charity, including 14 wishes granted for the Starlight Foundation.

Xavier was recruited for the regular podcasts and he’s learned a lot from the ‘Fantasy GOAT’… but he is still stuck in his ways.


"The teacher is always right, but the student tries to be right every now and then." Xavier said about his relationship with Selby. "A broken clock is right twice a day."

The Triple M Perth breakfast radio host reveals some of the players he’s going to take into this season and what he’ll be looking for when viewing the practice matches and AAMI Community Series games.

For more from Xavier Ellis and Selby Lee-Steere, head to moreirasmagic.com.au.

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In this week’s Coaches’ Corner …

1:30 - How Xavier met Selby.

2:40 - What was his best season?

4:00 - Breaking the record for marks in a Grand Final, did Luke Hodge steal a Norm Smith?

5:55 - "Absolutely diabolical" is the summation of the 2021 Fantasy season for the Derek Henrys.

8:30 - Trading in players on a Friday night is a good strategy, just so you can watch them.

10:05 - A 100 average is predicted for Tim Kelly.

12:00 - Find out who will be the No.1 ruck in the competition by the end of the year.

14:00 - Xavier says to pick as many under-priced players as you can.

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